A Perspective

I had a total knee replacement on September 9, 2019. I wish I could say I’ve been doing well, but of a truth I feel that I have not. I have good days and bad days, but of course this is what I’ve read and what folks have said. I also know that each person is remarkably different, healing at their own rate. But in spite of all this rational thinking comes a barrage of irrational thinking from a mind that runs a muck with all sorts of fears. There is the fear that the knee will stay bent and lack the necessary range of motion for normal activities. That my progress is very slow. But worst off, there is a fear of needing some type of revision surgery to get the knee to bend. I never envisioned myself thinking like this, but alas, I guess I too am just a normal human.

The Truth I Know

Now the good stuff that a rational mind knows. I know that my Father has me. I know that I’m surrounded by many friends and family who are confident that I will fully recover, being much better than I was before surgery. I know that whatever I walk through I am not alone. So it is with confidence and yet a bit of trepidation that I move forward on this beginning of week 4, post-op.


  1. As I step into this week I am hoping to see a greater increase in range of motion (ROM). At my last PT appointment I was at a weak 60 degrees of bend. I’d love to see 90 degrees, but I will settle for 75 degrees and steady progress.
  2. I’m hoping to reduce pain meds. I have tried a couple times already, but I’ve had undesirable results which take about 36 hours or so to get me back to baseline.
  3. Lastly, I look forward towards a better mental outlook. Pain and a lack of mobility really play with ones mind. As I surrender my unhealthy thinking and give my expectations to the Lord, I will move forward with confidence that I will recover.

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