It’s been a very long time since I have made a post to my website. But since September 9th, I’ve been down recovering from a total knee replacement of my left knee. So in my downtime, I thought I would give my website a makeover.

New Categories

As you wander (navigate) around the new website you will notice the new Menus. (categories). These categories are simple enough: Let’s start with “Journals”.


I like to articulate my thoughts. This website attempts to help me do just that. It’s not really an open forum, although I value the honest, free and open exchange of ideas and thoughts. With that being said, I just simply will not argue in a public forum because I find it distasteful and non-productive. Therefore all comments are subject to approval by me. Under this category you’ll find the following sub-categories:

  1. Bible Reading Highlights – I don’t always journal my Bible reading, but when I do it’s in this category that you’re find posts from my personal Bible reading quiet time.
  2. Praise, Prayers & Thanks – I want to acknowledge God in all areas of my life. Praise, Prayers and Thanks should be our normal response to an active, loving, relationship with the Living God.


Under this category you’ll find Rants and Reflections. One serious and one not so serious. I’ll let you decide.

  1. Rants – All I can say is, “Don’t get me started!” My rants are exactly that, “my” rants. They may even be right, but even I doubt that.
  2. Reflection – I like to think things though. So I take my time in pondering many things, gathering my thoughts, then try to clearly state my current position. My goal is to always satisfy my own curiosity.


I have been a credentialed minister for over 42 years, meaning nothing more than that I’ve been at for some time. During that time I have preached many sermons, taught a myriad of Bible based themes and hopefully inspired some to go deeper than just the surface with God. In this category you’ll find my current messages and even some of my personal favorites.


Lastly, is the Notes category. Here you’ll find notes that I have taken of sermons and teachings from the messages I have listened to.

Let The Posts Begin

“I hope you enjoy what has become. Enjoy.”
— Bill

Keep a close eye on the Bible Reading Highlights category. I intend to once again post my Bible reading journal entries there. I find that it is good to look back on what the Lord has said to me through the Bible. By journaling these highlights, I look forward to reading the Bible and posting my thoughts about what it says to me. Perhaps it will bless you and encourage you to read the Bible for yourself.

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